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It's all the time...
Giant tortoises of Aldabra (Dipsochelys gigantea) in ZOO Prague.

Links to other sites

The best way to obtain desired information is this:
ALTAVISTA Searching Gear for turtles (I have left this source as a memento to good old times ;-)

Newsgroup: rec.pets.herp

Listserves: /reptile /turtlist.htm

For another information mostly in English language you can try these (sample) sites:

Greatest site all over the web:

TURTLE TRAX at including the never-ending cartoon at /toon.htm (I recommend to start from beginning in archive, 1995 year, including the "Characters section" and the "bonus" edition)

Conservating or protecting organizations:

TortoiseAid homepage at


Tortoise Trust at

World Chelonian Trust at including the detailed reports of Animal Markets in China

Italian Project Carapax at

Desert Tortoise Preserve Commitee at

National Mexican Turtle Center at /~tomzap /turtle.html

Village des Tortues (Fr) at /homepages /soptom /pfr_02.htm

SEA TURTLE & FISHERIES ECOLOGY RESEARCH LAB of Texas A&M University at /default.html

Gulf Coast T&T Society at /gctts /default.html

H.E.A.R.T. at

New York T&T Society at /~jimvan /proceedings.htm

Le Centre de Protection des Tortues du SENEGAL at /~ind2899 /lecentre.htm (temporarily unreachable?)

Reptile Care Sheets at /~jpatch /c1.htm

Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc at

Mid Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society at

Road-kill preventing project -- Lake Jackson Turtle Ecopassage at

Sea turtle Image Library at

Wonderful Anatomy of Sea Turtle at /~jwyneken/sta/

Private enthusiastics:

Ulf's pages (under construction) at /~ulfed /pics.html

Tess Cook's Box Turtle Pages at /RainForest /Vines /5504

Darrell's great hatchling site at /~rednine

Misty Corton's South African site at /~corton

Monique's thoroughful pages dedicated to RES, Slider Home at

Dr. Kirkpatrick's Page at /~dtkirkpa


Jeff Dawson's Turtle Pages at /Heartland /Plains /3550

Coutre Courtney's Turtle Pages at /Heartland /Acres /5422

Tilford Bartman's Turtle Pages at

Mary Hopson at The Turtle Puddle, see also her nice Asian Box Turtles page at /~callingaliens /pondfolder /Asian.html

Beasley the Red-Footed Tortoise at: /~pawsplus /beasley.html

Endangered Turtles Page at

Tortoise Veterinarian at

Turtle pictures for adults, with a funny comments at /turds2.htm

Testudo Pages (German) at

Pondkeeper at /turtles.htm

Turtle2267's Home Page at

Teppo's Turtle Page at /teppo /konnat /turtles.html

Turtle Hut at

The Vivarium Magazine Online Edition at /vivmag /MagIndx.html

Turtle and Tortoise Hut at /gonyosoma /turtlehut.html

Angela's Pet Aquatic Turtles and Aquarium Setups at /AngelaWeb /turtle.html

Yuliana's Red-Eared Slider Turtle Page at /redearsliderturtles/

Walking around the TURTLE at /Museo_di_Calci /Turtles /Exhibition97.html

Turtle pages with some interesting info from Denis [French] at /denismosimann /tortue.html

Turtle pages in progress from Pawel Szulc [Polish] at

Herbert Becker's catalogue-like information focused on Clemmys (also other species) [German] at

Dirk Engelen's pages dedicated to turtles (Dutch) at

Kelly Feigel -- Russian tortoise website at

Rather scientific:

Interactive chelonian database at

Hypertext-taxonomic tree at /turtles/ (here we begin from chelonia)

Class Reptilia @ University of Michigan ( /bio /Chordata /Reptilia/)

Database of chemical contents of plants at /duke /highchem.html

Database of chemical contents of (human) food at /fnic /cgi-bin /

NOAA's sea turtle visceral anatomy site at /general /lib /turtles.htm

Bookmarks, lists:

German & English list of links (

Turtle Web Rings at


Veterinary schools online

Online certificate programs

Online degrees

Online courses & certificates

Online degrees: a convenient alternative

Entertainment, misc.:

A nice chelonian "online centrum" at

Tort screensavers at /Music /ArtistInfo /HarryConnickJr /screensaver.html

Auzzie Turtle Photo Index at /pub /aerg /herps /turtles.htm

Dorit & Golan Turtle Page at /~turtle/

Herp Pictures - Turtles at /pingleto /herps /turtles.html

Turtle and Tortoise Photos at /gonyosoma /ttpics.html

Confessions of a Turtle Wife at

Turtles' Photos at /Museo_di_Calci /Turtles /Turtles_in_the_World.html

Indian turtle tales at /Museum /tales /Turtles.html

Turtles on Slovenian postage stamps at /izodel /tecaji /mm /HTML /zelve.htm

Companies, reptile accessories, petshops etc.:

Texas Reptile Expo at

If you'd like to add your site here, send me an e-mail, no problem...